Guest Curator Archive

We are honored and grateful to our Guest Curators for sharing their collections with us. This page will allow you to see what you might have missed or give you an opportunity to revisit their treasures.

Emma Lang

Yvonne Milspaw

Moira Ernst

Mariah Chase

Elliott Oring

Geri-Ann Galanti

Sharon Sherman

Tok Thompson

Jon Rose

Jeannie Banks Thomas

Heather Joseph-Witham

Bill Ellis

Joseph Sciorra

Laura Ruberto

Elinor Levy

Nancy Wolfe

James (Jim) R. Dow, Ph.D.

Peter Harle

Judith McNeill and David Welch

Charlie Seeman

Lisa Falk

Ysamur Flores-Peña, Ph.D.

Simon Bronner, Ph.D.

Patricia Turner

B.D. Love & Maura Kennedy

Stephen Wehmeyer

Kerry Noonan

Brandy Wilde

Erika Brady

Patrick A. Polk

Dr. Lydia Fucsko

Verna Gillis

Michael E. Bell

Patricia A. Atkinson

Rachel E. Spector

Michael Owen Jones

Paddy Bowman

Mariah Chase

Yale Strom