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Chester Cornett of southeastern Kentucky built his “Two-in-One, Bookcase Rocker, Masterpiece of Furniture” of red oak in 1965-66. It is 50” H, 36” W, with rockers that are 39” L. The black walnut inserts at the top read from the far left panel: “Old, Kentucky / Made / Buy / Chester / Cornett’s / Hands / Engle Mill.” He called it two-in-one because it has 8 legs and 4 rockers. The shelves and baskets below the arms are to hold books, hence a rocker that doubles as a bookcase. The seat also lifts up for storage. “I never made nothin’ like it in my life. There ain’t nothing in the world like hit,” he said. “That’s why I call it my masterpiece.” In 2016, Jones donated the chair to the Mathers Museum at Indiana University that houses a collection of tools and chairs by the craftsman.

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