Doll house with nativity. The doll house (18 inches high, 24 inches wide, 12 inches deep) was made as a Christmas gift in 1968 for me by my parents, Bob, and Wilma Hutson while we were living in Frankfurt, Germany. They decided to make the doll house for three reasons: first, there was so much cute doll house furniture to buy in Germany; second, because I liked tiny things and third, they did not know of any other child who had a doll house. Bob made the house, put in plexiglass windows, and wired the lights so they really work, he made the staircase out of popsicle sticks and the handles of long cotton swabs. Wilma crocheted the rugs, curtains, and doll clothing. In 2019 we turned the dollhouse into a setting for a nativity. Joseph, the shepherd, and the kings were originally wrestling dolls but have been transformed into Nativity figures by cloth and ribbons. One of the kings holds a small bag of real frankincense purchased in Ethiopia. The elephant was purchased from Walmart and will even trumpet.

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