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Stylized Dream Catcher

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Dream catchers come from the Anishinaabe culture of the North American Great Lakes region. Originally considered a sacred object to protect infants from nightmares, dream catchers have come to be a popular handcraft over the past forty years, sometimes prompting ethical questions over whether such wide use and mass marketing constitutes cultural appropriation. This example uses beadwork to create a three-dimensional effect in the center hoop, as opposed to the traditional two-dimensional spider web design. It was created by a Sičháŋǧu (Brulé Sioux) artisan imprisoned in South Dakota. His work is available through the Pawnee Art Center in Dannebrog, Nebraska (managed by Gale Pemberton and folklorist Roger Welsch). The Center itself has been closed since devastating floods in 2019, but I can provide contact information on request.

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