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Amulet with image of the Virgin of Guadelupe-FLK310

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Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patron Saint of Mexico and her basilica in Mexico City is the most visited Catholic Pilgrimage sit in the world. Here in Las Cruces, Catholic pilgrims annually journey up to “A” mountain to honor her on her Feast Day. One year, I joined with other volunteers making what seemed like a zillion meatballs to be place in a soup for the hundreds of hungry pilgrims to devour upon their return.

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  1. Paul Weinbaum Avatar
    Paul Weinbaum

    Once the Church in Mexico realized the apparition story was too vague to attract Indian converts, an unknown artist painted the earthy image of the Virgin issuing from the vagina of Mary. The folds of the dress are the labia minora, the usual points are rays are divine light, the child has reportedly been Jesus or a unnamed saint. This is a serious image for the indigeous Mexicans, the Mestizos and their ancestors in Mexico and in our New Mexico..

    1. norinedresser Avatar

      Thank you so much, Professor Weinbaum. I appreciate your amplification about this artifact. And if you can add anything about other gallery objects, I would be thrilled with your feedback.

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