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Here we explore material culture and contemplate the possible meanings for people who possess these objects. Additionally, we provide information about the backgrounds of the artifacts.

Maneki-Neko or Beckoning Cat

As a professional folklorist, I have collected these objects over the decades. To some, these items might seem trivial. NOT SO. I consider them cultural and historical gems, important clues about society that need to be identified and preserved.

Replica of a $.22 Love Stamp

This website targets persons curious about the colorful and fascinating world in which we live. It has particular relevance for teachers and students. For this reason, we have created some sample classroom assignments:

1.  Pick an object to research and add more information about it.

2.  Use an object as a writing prompt for an essay or poem about how is relates to you.

3.  Compare and contrast an object with a similar one you have in your family.

4.  Photograph some objects from your family used for celebrating a secular or religious holiday and write a descriptive paragraph about them.

5.  We showcase many objects used for protection, healing, and luck. Write about a similar article you have and why you believe in its special properties.

6.  Pick one artifact and speculate about what it reveals about the particular culture that uses it.

Resting Buddha (also called Tuesday Buddha)

We’re sure that teachers will create many more kinds of assignments, and we would appreciate their sharing them with us. We will post them on this page for others to use. Students have permission to download images to enhance their projects about particular cultures.

Russian Nesting Dolls (circa 1950)

Visit the Discussion Board to post comments or personal stories about objects. Additionally, we solicit your input to correct errors and add enlightenment.  We encourage you to contact: flpcgallery@gmail.com.

This site is constantly growing and evolving, so KEEP ON COMING BACK!


Norine Dresser-Folklorist/Collector & Mariah Chase-Curator/Photographer

The Barcelos Rooster (left side)

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