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In 1989, I had the exciting experience of being flown to Hungary to film, “Dracula, Live from Transylvania,” for a live international TV show. I even played a scene with George Hamilton (And yes, he is that tan). Check it out by clicking this link.

Dracula: Live from Transylvania

Here we explore material culture and contemplate the possible meanings for people who possess these objects. Additionally, we provide information about the backgrounds of the artifacts.

Graveyard Scene Candle-FLK480a

Halloween decorations-USA-Halloween celebrants/Popular culture-Wax-6 1/2″ tall

As a professional folklorist, I have collected these objects over the decades. To some, these items might seem trivial. NOT SO. I consider them cultural and historical gems, important clues about society that need to be identified and preserved.


Dracula finger puppet

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Baby pacifier with fang


Dracula Cup with straw


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Norine Dresser-Folklorist/Collector & Mariah Chase-Curator/Photographer


Boo-Tie (Front of package)

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