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Welcome to this special collection of Donald Trump memorabilia inspired by Martin Luther King’s birthday. This is not to besmirch Dr. King. It is the the exact opposite. The collection demonstrates how low our government has sunk as juxtaposed to the height of humanitarian ideals and actions represented by MLK. Have a good laugh at DT’s expense. I’m sure Dr. King would give a chuckle, too.


Happy New Year from the Gallery of Folklore & Popular Culture!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2018.

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Origami Crane

We are honored to present our December Guest Curator, Dr. Lydia Fucsko of Melbourne, Australia. She has dedicated her life to amphibian conservation, in particular, frogs. Check out these fantastic looking creatures and learn more about her work on our Guest Curator page!

The Rainbow Connection



Front View
Traditional attire-Netherlands-Dutch-Faux lace-12″ x 10 1/2″

Do you like to go out “Dutch Treat” where everyone pays for their own meal?

Well, I have a different kind of Dutch Treat for you. This one is about Dutch Traditions in Southern California, specifically Dutch foods and Sinterklaas customs documented in slides and with music. Check it out.

This website is dedicated to exploring material culture and contemplating the possible meanings for people who possess these objects. Additionally, we provide information about the backgrounds of the artifacts.

Decorated Lion Incense burner

As a professional folklorist, I have collected these objects over the decades. To some, these items might seem trivial. NOT SO. I consider them cultural and historical gems, important clues about society that need to be identified and preserved.

Good luck-Thailand-Thai-Plastic/fabric/beads/string-6″ x 7″
Miniature Screen panels with Chinese figures in traditional dress

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Mexican chile-man with sombrero playing guitar

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