The Calendar Corner


With each new month of 2017, we will highlight select artifacts that fit within that month’s context. For example, in January, this country celebrates the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Fittingly, we display a Trump piñata as an example of the thousands created in protest to his offensive campaign comments about Mexicans.

To characterize outgoing President Barack Obama, we present “Dashboard Obama,” playing the ukulele, wearing shorts and flip-flops, stressing his Hawaiian birthplace. This is a sly dig at those “birthers” who refused to believe that Obama was an American citizen.

As we add more artifacts to this website, we will also insert them into the calendar. Of course, not all artifacts are calendar-related. Consequently, we will slot those others where we deem appropriate based on other criteria.

August has no major holidays observed here in the USA, so we wish to acknowledge more obscure and amusing special events. Has anyone ever heard of National Underwear Day?

We have a splendid offering: the Newt Gingrich Contract With America Underpants. I am proud to say they belong to me, obtained from Ligorano/Reese Collaborations whose art regularly comments on social issues.

That’s just one of the Calendar offerings for August, 2017. Check out the rest, too.

Admit You’re Happy Month-All of August

National Underwear Day-August 5th, 2017

President’s Joke Day-August 11th, 2017

Senior Citizen Day-August 21st, 2017

Women’s Equality Day-August 26th, 2017

Frankenstein Day-August 30th, 2017