Calendar Corner


Happy 2018! We are celebrating one year of our Calendar Corner!

We hope that you have enjoyed the past year of hand-picked artifacts that highlighted the interesting and diverse collection here at the Gallery of Folklore & Popular Culture.

As 2018 begins we will continue to select artifacts that celebrate many of the traditional holidays or celebrations of the year. We will also feature many holidays/celebrations that you may not have heard of.

Please make sure to keep coming back to see what is new!

Did you know that January is National Blood Drive Month? And do any of you celebrate Kings’ Day or the Feast of the Epiphany? And don’t forget National Hat Day? Bet that’s a new one on you. It was for us, too.

Enjoy learning about a few January celebrations as we start off a new Calendar Corner cycle!

National Blood Drive Month-January 2018


New Year’s Eve-December 31st, 2017


Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year)-January 1st, 2018


Kings’ Day-Feast of the Epiphany-January 6th, 2018.


National Hat Day-January 15th, 2018


Australia Day-January 26th, 2018

Hunting weapon replica-Australia-Aboriginal-Wood with Aboriginal designs-13 1/2″