Guest Curators

Welcome to our Guest Curator, Stephen Wehmeyer!

As you will be able to tell from his lively bio, Stephen Wehmeyer is full of fun and enthusiasm. And how lucky are the students he shepherds to Zanzibar! Makes us want to tag along. Enjoy the artifacts he has shared with our gallery. We would also like to thank Kerry Noonan for being last month’s guest curator!


Stephen C. Wehmeyer is an Associate Professor in the Core Division of Champlain College (Burlington, Vermont), where he teaches interdisciplinary classes on Aesthetics, Community, and Religious Studies (while not-so-clandestinely including as much Folklore as the curriculum and his colleagues can bear!) He holds a doctorate in Folklore and Mythology from UCLA, and his primary research interests focus on the material and ritual arts of the Afro-Atlantic world, Spiritualist traditions in the American Gulf South, folk saints and their iconography, and pretty much anything that involves the intersection of the vernacular and the otherworldly. Together with Leonard Primiano, he currently co-chairs the American Academy of Religion’s Folklore and Religion Seminar.  When not teaching, writing, or shepherding Champlain students to Zanzibar, Steve lives a relatively quiet life with his wife and daughter in Burlington, Vermont – because what Folklorist wouldn’t be happy in a region known for haunted covered bridges, buried vampire hearts, and an elusive lake monster?

If you are a folklorist or a collector of folklore/popular culture artifacts, please consider becoming a Guest Curator. Your objects will be highlighted here on a rotating basis.

All we ask is that the objects be yours, you have a photograph of the objects, and all or most of the information about the object (see the guidelines below, for more details).

Guest Curator Guidelines:

1. Artifacts must fall within the subject of our website (folklore, folk art, popular culture, etc).

2. Artifacts must be a part of your own personal collection.

3. Submissions must be limited to no more than five artifacts.

4. Submissions must contain a photograph of the artifact, as well as the title, purpose, country of origin, culture , materials, and dimensions of the artifact.

5. We also would like your photograph and a brief biography to accompany the collection.

Please contact, and write Guest Curator in the subject line for further information or with any questions. We cannot wait to highlight your collection!