Guest Curators

We want to say thank you to our outgoing Guest Curator, Elliott Oring! If you missed a chance to see his fantastic artifacts, please stop by the Guest Curator Archive Page. You can also examine all of our past Guest Curator’s as well.

Welcome to our Guest Curator, Mariah Chase!

As well as being the curator, photographer & web designer for the Gallery of Folklore and Popular culture, I am also an art historian with an emphasis in pop culture, as well as a stained glass artist. In my spare time, I am a lecturer for one university, two community colleges and a dual credit program with a local high school. I love pop culture because it is something that can unite people regardless of race, gender, or age. I hope that you enjoy another look at some of my pop culture collection.  Please click on the links below to watch the Hen Laying Eggs in action and for a brief history of the daguerreotype.

Hen Laying Eggs

History of the Daguerreotype

If you are a folklorist or a collector of folklore/popular culture artifacts, please consider becoming a Guest Curator. Your objects will be highlighted here on a rotating basis.

All we ask is that the objects be yours, you have a photograph of the objects, and all or most of the information about the object (see the guidelines below, for more details).

Guest Curator Guidelines:

1. Artifacts must fall within the subject of our website (folklore, folk art, popular culture, etc).

2. Artifacts must be a part of your own personal collection.

3. Submissions must be limited to no more than five artifacts.

4. Submissions must contain a photograph of the artifact, as well as the title, purpose, country of origin, culture , materials, and dimensions of the artifact.

5. We also would like your photograph and a brief biography to accompany the collection.

Please contact, and write Guest Curator in the subject line for further information or with any questions. We cannot wait to highlight your collection!